Well, hello. 

I'm Autumn, a photographer living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with my husband, Josh, and our sweet pup, Berlin. I liked them both immediately because, in their different ways, they're ridiculously good looking. Aside from hanging with my small gang, I enjoy roaming the streets of my city (we're new here), eating vegetables and knocking back coffee, making everyone laugh, and hoping people show up late to meetings so I can continue with the book(s) in my bag.  God's grace is my most favorite thing, and yet, it baffles me daily. 

However, I think it's important that you know something more than a brief introduction. I think you need to know why I do this.

I don't have a mesmerizing story about picking up a camera and feeling "it", or whatever, and if we're being entirely honest, I'm a wedding photographer by accident. And I'm okay with that.

I studied history as an undergrad but I wasn't what professors deem a good historian. I was in it for the stories, the small glimpses into someone else's life - not so much the "why-this-country-invaded-this-country-and-caused-this-economic-collapse." It never occurred to me that I would put my degree to use post-college, but I do. I love telling the stories of the people who have graciously invited me into their lives all over the country. I'm in the business of documenting history. 

Or at least that's how I approach wedding photography. I understand the gravity and honor in photographing your wedding because one day, your great-grandchildren may find these photographs in a box in the attic, and realize that without your promises on that day, they wouldn't exist. Your family wouldn't be what it is. They'll realize you made history because your story is that significant. 

If you're hoping for images that will make your heart swell for years to come, stick around. Let's make something wildly beautiful together.